is your work all handwritten & handcreated?
yes, they are.

do you do calligraphy on canvas only? 
we do calligraphy on paper, canvas and leather.

do you design georgian tattoos?
yes, we do.

where are you based?
we are based in new york city.

what's so special about georgian calligraphy anyways? tell me more.
uniqueness! georgian script is a unique writing system in the world by being one of those only 12 or so other original writing systems. languages are many but the writing systems are very few. in addition, georgian writing system includes 3 different scripts. and because of the elegant shapes of its letters georgian script is considered to be one of the most beautiful writing systems in the world. georgian scripts are inscribed in the unesco's list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity because of its long history of antiquity and uniqueness.

can we order from abroad?
yes, we ship worldwide. 

do you offer free shipping in the usa?
yes, we do.

is your artwork framed or unframed?