Georgian calligraphy is an ancient tradition of writing of Georgian language with its own unique 3 Georgian scripts. It is an unique treasure of the Georgian culture and proudly represents a true brand of Georgia and the Georgian nation. According to the Georgian Chronicles the Georgian script was originally designed in the 4th century BC by a King Pharnavaz I. But archaelogically documented first inscription is dated early 5th century, found close to Jerusalem at once existing Georgian monastery. Georgian calligraphy was much supported by the monks of the Georgian Orthodox Church, and many of them were excellent calligraphers. Georgian calligraphy was also created outside of Georgia mostly in Georgian monasteries of Byzantine Empire, from Constantinople to Antioch or to Mount Athos. Georgian monasteries of Jerusalem also produced one of the most famous calligraphers. As there are three unique Georgian scripts, the calligraphy was also developed accordingly in three of them, giving it enormous cultural importance and heritage. The rich culture and tradition of Georgian calligraphy throughout centuries was an important part of life for many generations of Georgians. This tradition is still alive and growing.

We deeply believe that there is nothing better than a souvenir of the Georgian calligraphic artwork presented to your loved ones by you or purchased for your interior design for your comfortable house or office which by all means will be much appreciated by everyone. By having some part of the Georgian culture into your apartment, house or office represented by the unique Georgian calligraphy is a must for all true lovers of culture and art, things Georgia is greatly rich of.